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Machining prototypes - quality and certification

Qualified staff specially trained in quality procedures; quality is everyone’s business and, above all others, CEO Eric Poul-Duthion is personally convinced of the absolute necessity of embedding this in company culture long term - above and beyond obtaining and maintaining ISO 9001-2008 certification.

The quality manager, middle managers, inspection, metrology and production operators and process managers are all focused on customer satisfaction, and this is reflected by the fact that there are no returns and that contract deadlines are met.

Ultra-performance metrology laboratories carry out all of the physical and three—dimensional measurements necessary at every stage of manufacture, ensuring traceability for parts and materials.
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Given the strategic nature of projects entrusted to it, DUTHION has implemented procedures and infrastructures to ensure confidentiality. This means total involvement of the management team, constant staff awareness, displaying guidelines and notices prohibiting photography, special protective resources for the site and IT systems and a protection procedure for sensitive parts when third parties visit the premises.

Customers can therefore entrust the development and production of “classified” parts to DUTHION with complete confidence.