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The strength of DUTHION – machining centre

The DUTHION company was created in 1948 by Marcel Duthion and is now managed by the third generation of the family. In spite of the effects of the recent economic crisis on all economic sectors, the company achieved strong growth in turnover compared to the previous year, standing at €2.9M in 2010, also increasing profitability.
Robust management of the company continues to ensure longevity, giving it financial credibility over the long term in the eyes of customers, suppliers and its bankers. Accounts are reported with complete transparency, and can be viewed on all the specialist web sites.
Responsiveness at all times: adjusting in a time of crisis between end 2008 and mid 2009, acquiring new production equipment to respond to the requirements of outstanding contracts – the CEO adapts his precision machining company to the constraints and requirements of the industrial market.
All shares are held by the family so there is no pressure from the financial markets.
DUTHION is now in a position to deliver annual turnover in the region of 4 to €5M, and is therefore ready to consider all types of projects within its area of expertise (high precision machining, precision engineering, machining prototypes, 5 axes machining, 4 axes turning, customised machining).